Weekend Birdwatching

I’m an avid backyard birdwatcher (as you may have guessed), and had a wonderful weekend of it over Labor Day down on Cape Cod.

First, the hummingbirds.  We’re Hummingbird Central (the three hummingbird feeders and multiple pots of blooming plants might have something to do with it) and take delight in sitting on the deck and watching the dogfights taking place around us as well as occasionally having one of these feisty little winged things hover a foot from our faces and try to stare us down.

This past weekend we had an extra treat. At the beginning of the summer I put out an oriole feeder, as we’d spotted a Northern Oriole or two last year. The beauty of it is that hummingbirds can use it as well. And to my delight, they were back, in all their intense orange glory:

I didn’t quite get a picture of one of them on the feeder (there were a pair flitting around) but close to it:

Which was pretty darned cool.