Twas the Night Before Release Day

The day a book comes out is, at least for me, a mixed day.

Yes, I know, you’re probably thinking, “what’s not to be happy about?” Well, it’s not that I’m not happy–thrilled, even. But what non-writers may not understand is what a l-o-n-g process publishing a book is. For example, I completed Betraying Season back in the summer of 2007. Yes, 2007. Since then it’s been through edits, copy-edits, galley edits, and another quick edit to round the pages down to an even signature number (something to do with how many pages it takes up). I’ve filled out an author questionnaire, waited eagerly for the cover, then for the ARCS…you get the drift.

So what I’m trying to say is that for me, this is more the culmination of a process than it is an event. So I’m feeling more a warm glow than a fever of excitement.

Apart from waiting for reviews, of course. That’s where the fever part comes in.

It’s also a time for contemplation. Because of the amount of time between when a book is turned into one’s publisher, and the date it actually comes out, most authors have time to get another book written–or two, or more. Which means that the book that has been released represents an author’s skill level from an earlier stage, like an insect trapped in amber. So it’s enlightening to look back and see how one has (hopefully) improved, and maybe make guesses about where one can improve in future books. Of course, accompanying that is the feeling of, “Oh, if I could just tweak that paragraph, or re-write that chapter” or whatever. Was it George Lucas who said that movies aren’t ever finished, they’re just abandoned? The same goes for books.

Just wanted to say that.