Reviews (said with a big sigh of relief)

Remember what I said about the anxiety of waiting for reviews? I can breathe a little easier now–reviews of Betraying Season from Booklist, Kirkus, and VOYA are making me pretty happy. Here are some quotes:

Booklist: “As in the previous book, this is a full-bodied story that wonderfully combines elements of romance, fantasy, and history….Whether Doyle is describing the Irish countryside, a magical incantation, or a lover’s kiss, her writing is compelling, and it will be hard for readers not to be swept away by this invigorating story.”

Kirkus: “The mixture of historical detail and magic makes this…another page-turner….”

VOYA: “Seamlessly weaving elements of historical fiction, romance, and magic, Doyle creates believable characters in a realistic setting set in a fascinating plot. Extremely well written and utterly delightful, this book should appeal to female readers fourteen and older.”

Life is good, and I no longer have to rely on chocolate for endorphins. 🙂

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