Please go do this right now!

Thirty seconds (or less) a day on your part could help a lot of bunnies!

The Animal Rescue Site, in association with, is sponsoring the $100,000 Animal Shelter Challenge , which is giving away (you guessed it) thousands of dollars to shelters across the US and Canada and around the world. Participants like you (hint, hint) can vote daily for your favorite shelter and put them in the way of winning much-needed cash; not only are there national prizes, but individual state prizes as well.

If it’s not too much trouble, would you consider visiting the site and filling in your vote for the House Rabbit Network of Woburn, MA? The House Rabbit Network helps find permanent, loving homes for foster rabbits in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont and coordinates with other rabbit rescues across the northeast to help rabbits in need. Your daily vote could help this all-volunteer organization win the $1000 state prize–money which is sorely needed to further the Network’s mission and provide food and care for bunnies awaiting their forever homes.

So please, consider adding a daily vote for the House Rabbit Network to your routine (you can even sign up for a daily reminder here). The bunnies thank you!

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  1. Mia

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