Long Overdue

Although I’ve been blogging for almost two years now on 19th century history with Regina Scott at Nineteenteen, intermittently on LiveJournal, and as part of the Enchanted Inkpot community, I’ve never set up a quick way to communicate news about my YA books and be interactive with readers and fellow writers in other ways.

Consider that oversight rectified.

Over the next weeks I’ll be filling in news about book signings and other appearances, reviews, and whatever else happens as the countdown to the release of Betraying Season on September 29 progresses–and after that? Well, we’ll see. Definitely expect rabbits, though. And other stuff. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

4 Responses to “Long Overdue”

  1. ~Aimee States

    Congrats on the pending release. It's always nice to see a writer with a blog-Blog.

  2. Marissa Doyle

    You found me, Aimee! I'm still in test mode here and haven't told anyone…thank you for stopping by!