Finally! Some news!

I haven’t posted in the last few weeks because (a) I’ve been getting ready to pack child #1 off for his freshman year of college (and omg was that hard to do, but he seems to be settling in as of day 3) and (b) I didn’t really have much to report because of (a).

But there’s definitely news today…tomorow the paperback version of Bewitching Season hits the shelves! I got my author copies just today, and they’re wonderful: same cover image, but a different back cover blurb and some nice quotes from Kirkus and VOYA and Booklist. What I didn’t expect was an author interview and a teaser chapter for Betraying Season. I didn’t expect the interview to actually appear in the book–I assumed it would go on-line, so that was a pleasant surprise (I hope I don’t sound too silly in it), as was the teaser for Betraying Season.

So if you happen to see it in your local bookstore, let me know!

In other fun news, I’m starting to set up signings to go with Betraying Season‘s upcoming release, and was able to confirm a panel and signing at the fantabulous Books of Wonder in NYC for Sunday, October 18 from 1-3 pm. More on that to follow… I’m also definitely looking forward to signing at the wonderful Baker Books in North Dartmouth, MA on October 10 from 3-5 pm.

Stay tuned in a few days for a rabbit related post. I promised bunnies, didn’t I?

2 Responses to “Finally! Some news!”

  1. ~Aimee States

    Rabbits! I would love to go to a book signing. Can you believe I've never been?

  2. Marissa Doyle

    They can be huge fun, or extremely painful. I try to make sure they're the former by sending out personal invitations to friends and acquaintances, so I don't spend two hours sitting alone, except for telling people where the bathroom is. 🙂

    Definitely go to one! There's a neat site called where you can get a list of upcoming author visits/signings in your location.