I am always happy to speak at libraries, schools, clubs, conferences, and writing organizations on both my books and experience as a writer as well as on specific topics such as:

Critiquing: How to dish it out, take it…and improve your writing

(high school and up)

Though writing a book is a solitary endeavor, publishing one involves a cast of thousands…and the first of those should be critiquers, other writers who will read your work and point out what’s working and what isn’t before you start to query agents or editors. It isn’t always easy for beginning (or even advanced) writers to do this, so the goal of this workshop is to introduce writers to the fine art of both giving and receiving critiques in a fun, interactive environment with role-playing (scripts provided!) and plenty of time for questions.

So you want to be a writer…

(all ages)

Mostly geared to a younger audience though adults might enjoy it as well, this is an introductory-level workshop on how to view the world through a story-teller’s—and writer’s—eyes. A little bit silly (“Practice telling lies with the whopper game”), a little bit serious (“Harness the engine that powers all stories”), with interactive exercises and plenty of time to ask questions and interact as a group.

Zoom author visits are also available for schools and book groups.  For more information, please drop me a line via my contact form.