Betraying Season Award!

I feel a little sheepish for not having mentioned this sooner…but Betraying Season won an award! It won the Young Adult category in the National Readers’ Choice Award contest sponsored by the Oklahoma Romance Writers of America. Winners were announced at a reception during the RWA National Conference at the end of July, and yes, I squealed when they announced my name! It’s kind of exciting to see your book’s name on a hefty slab of stone, even if it did weigh my carry-on bag down a fair bit on the flight home. 🙂 Winning was an honor, and I’m very grateful to the NRCA’s judges for choosing Betraying Season for this year’s award.

2 Responses to “Betraying Season Award!”

  1. Celena

    i LOVE your books please write more about persy and penelope's adventures and the romance between percy and Lochinvar 🙂 thank you soooo much ~!

  2. Marissa Doyle

    Thank you, Celena! I don't know that I'll be writing more about Persy and Lochinvar (that decision is a little out of my hands) but I promise that there's plenty more romance in my upcoming book. 🙂