April News

I’ve been pretty quiet for a good reason–I had a book to finish writing. But I’m very, very happy to report that Magic in Season (formerly known as The Waterloo Plot…and possibly as something else in the future as book titles do often change) has been turned in for editing to the wonderful Kate and her assistant Sarah at Henry Holt. I’m looking forward to polishing it with their guidance and seeing it out sometime in the second half of 2011! I’ll post as I get more information on dates.

The teaser again…
It’s spring 1814 and the girls of England are rejoicing: Napoleon has been defeated and the young men of the army can come home again–just in time for the balls and parties of the Season!

18-year-old Lady Sophie Rosier can’t quite join in their glee. What young man will fall for a cripple who must walk with a cane, no matter how pretty and well-born she is? And then there’s that small matter of her being a witch…but she certainly isn’t about to advertise that fact. Why, oh why, couldn’t she just be like everyone else?

Then to her surprise she gains a very eligible suitor in Lord Woodbridge. But does he love her, or just feel sorry for her? And why, now that the War is over, is somebody doing their best to kill off members of the War Office, including Sophie’s father? Only Sophie and her new best friend Parthenope can find out…because only they know that the assassin is using magic. And it looks like Sophie might be next on their list…

Parthenope is, of course, the mother of Persy and Pen…I hope you’ll enjoy her story (and I think you’ll see where Charles gets his personality from!)

In other news, Bewitching Season has been nominated for two state award lists: the South Carolina Young Adult Book Award for 2010-2011 and the 2011 Louisiana Young Readers’ Choice Award. I’m honored and delighted, and extend an invitation to teachers and children’s librarians particularly in those states (but also elsewhere) to contact me if they’re interested in receiving bookmarks or doing any on-line programs via Skype for their classes or libraries.

Betraying Season is also doing well, having finaled in two Romance Writers of America contests for best Young Adult romance–the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence and (I just learned today) the Orange County Chapter’s Book Buyer’s Best Contest!

As for other news…I had a lovely time speaking at the Mattapoisett (MA) Public Library during National Library Week, and am looking forward next week to speaking at the Connecticut Library Association’s Annual Conference. On tap for May is the 5th Annual Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival, where I’ll be talking with Alisa Libby about historical fiction for teens. If you’re in the western NY area, please stop by!

Lastly, next week is the 2nd meeting of the Young Bluestockings Book Club on Nineteenteen! On April 23 Regina will be leading a discussion on Bloody Jack by L.A. Meyer…please join us!