An interesting visitor to my backyard feeder

I live kind of in the woods, with all the accompanying wildlife that entails–we’ve had everything from coyotes and foxes and fishercats to eastern cottontails (so cute!) and lots of deer. In the bird kingdom, the visitors are even more diverse: we’re inundated with ruby-throated hummingbirds and have a nesting pair of bluebirds this year, and have seen everything from wood ducks to great blue herons to woodcock and grouse and flocks of wild turkeys, and occasionally have heard whippoorwills and my favorite, the hermit thrush.

We also have a LOT of raptors–owls and hawks…including this guy. I think I need to find a feeder that dispenses chunks of stew beef, since the extended game of cat-and-mouse he played yesterday with a squirrel gathering spilled birdseed did not end in noms (at least for him).

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