Short Fiction

“House is Where the Heart Is” in Murmurs in the Dark: Thirteen Ghostly Tales from Book View Café

Published October 5, 2021 by Book View Café 

The Queen’s Dolls’ House was a gift from the people of Great Britain to Queen Mary, who had worked tirelessly for the nation during the first World War. The Queen’s cousin, Princess Marie Louise, was determined that it would be the perfect English house…all in a one foot to the inch scale.

But what’s the perfect English house without a ghost? And where will Marie Louise find one only six inches tall?

This story is part of Murmurs in the Dark: Thirteen Ghostly Tales from Book View Café, edited by Marissa Doyle and Shannon Page.

“A Perfect Night for a Trip on the Lake: a short story”

Andie and her newly-widowed grandmother are spending a quiet September week at their family’s cottage on a Maine lake. Andie hopes the peace of the woods will comfort Gran, and just maybe give her breathing space to make some long-delayed decisions about her own life. A canoe trip one warm moonlit night should be the ultimate in tranquility…or will it? Gran’s past memories of the lake will intrude on the present in strange and wondrous ways, and give Andie an unexpected choice about her future.

“Just Another Quiet Evening at Almack’s” in It Happened at the Ball

Published September 2018 by Book View Cafe  

Everyone knows that the Lady Patronesses of Almack’s Assembly Rooms are the doyennes of London Society, whose smiles or frowns can ensure or  utterly sink one’s social aspirations. But not everyone knows that their second, more important job involves keeping the beau monde safe from crime…especially crime of a supernatural nature. Because the Ladies of Almack’s aren’t quite what they appear…and neither is the mysterious allure that a group of debutantes are exerting over their partners one evening at a ball…

A story in The Ladies of Almack’s world.

“Family Reunion: a short story”

Felicity Greendrake has always been sure her fine old New England family—full of daring sea captains and canny east India merchants—is special. When she helps out with a family reunion and meets a distant cousin from a long-lost branch of the family, she discovers just how special some of them are.

“Alea Iacta Est” in Nevertheless, She Persisted

Published August 2017 by Book View Cafe

17-year-old Jane Wetherby was taught by her older brothers to play The Game, in which ancient battles of history are re-fought on tabletops in the most refined of settings. When her favorite brother is prevented by injury from attending a prestigious tournament, Jane’s aunt encourages her to take his place…