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The Ladies of Almack’s Series

London, 1810
Young widow Annabel Chalfont, Countess of Fellbridge, has two small sons to raise, a mountain of her late husband’s debts to pay off, and a secret: she’s a shadow-shaper, able to manipulate shadow as anyone else might clay. Along with six other aristocratic ladies, she’s also a Lady Patroness of Almack’s, the most fashionable club in Regency London.

What the world doesn’t know is that this exclusive group of women are all possessed of extraordinary powers, which they use to solve London’s supernatural crime. But as the long shadow of the Emperor Napoleon looms from France, the Lady Patronesses will face their greatest challenge yet: to save England itself.

Leland Sisters Series

Twins Persephone and Penelope Leland and their younger brother Charles use their magical heritage to rescue the young Queen Victoria—and each other—from dangerous and deceitful foes.

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